Is CrossFit right for me?

You won’t find any treadmills at CrossFit Santa Ynez Valley, nor pectoral or lat machines…instead, you will find barbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, and lots of space for running, jumping, climbing, and get you ready to face any challenge that life may throw at you on any given day. Let’s get this clear: CrossFit is for everyone. That doesn’t mean it is easy, in fact, it may be the most challenging workout you will ever come across. But, it may also be the most rewarding and provide the best results!

Whether you are looking to lose weight and look great under our hot California sun, trying to improve your sport performances or you’re just bored with your old training program, CrossFit is for you!! Our grandfathers and the Olympics athletes needs differ by degree not kind. All our workouts are completely scalable, which means that you, your wife and our best athlete can train together, changing just the load, intensity or length of the workout. You will rarely repeat twice a workout, except for the famous and feared “Girls” and “Heroes” benchmarks, and every day you will learn new things, have fun and, most importantly, you will see results. Last but not least, you will feel welcomed, cheered on, and you will become part of the great CrossFit community. What are you waiting for?
3640 Sagunto Rd
Santa Ynez, CA 93460 (view larger map)